Daily’s Place PSL Program

PSL stands for “Personal Seat License” which, in exchange for a fee, gives the license holder the right to purchase tickets for certain events at Daily’s Place.


PSL Rights

As a PSL holder, you have the right to purchase tickets for your PSL seats for each publicly-ticketed concert in Daily’s Place that is promoted by Bold Events, LLC (“Bold Events”) and for which Bold Events has the right to grant tickets to you (each, an “Event”), subject to relocation from time to time in accordance with the terms of your PSL Agreement. PSL rights do not apply to any other events that may be held at Daily’s Place, including events for which the City of Jacksonville is the designated promoter of such events.


The PSL Agreement

In connection with your purchase of a PSL, you will be sent a Personal Seat License Agreement (“PSL Agreement”) to sign and return. The PSL Agreement, together with the terms and conditions set forth on this webpage, constitute the sole legal document that governs your rights and obligations as licensee in connection with your PSL. Your PSL Agreement becomes effective when signed by you, accepted by us, and an executed copy is delivered by us to you for your records.


Ticket Purchase Requirements

You have the right to purchase tickets (at the price and by the deadline established by Bold Events) for your PSL seats for each Event during the term of your PSL Agreement. If you do not purchase such tickets for your PSL seats by the deadline specified by Bold Events for an Event, your PSL for that seat for that Event will terminate and Bold Events will be free to transfer such seat(s) to any third party without any obligation to you.

If you validly exercise your right to purchase such tickets for an Event for your PSL seats and choose to pay by credit or debit card (together with any replacement cards, the “Card”), you agree that Bold Events may automatically charge the total amount due for such Event to your Card, and Bold Events shall keep such Card information on your account for future PSL seat purchases. If your Card on file is declined or not accepted by the Card issuer, you authorize Bold Events to automatically attempt the charge again on the first, third, and fifth days following the date that the Card was initially declined or rejected. You shall pay a $15.00 processing fee for any charges that are initially declined or otherwise are not accepted by the issuer of the Card.  You shall still be responsible for such payment and all future payments due under your PSL Agreement or in connection with your individual PSL seat purchases. All payments made by you shall be made without offset, deduction or counterclaim. Bold Events may elect to charge you a late fee of 1% per month (or, if lesser, the maximum amount permitted by law) for any late payment then due and owing until such payment is paid in full. You shall be solely responsible for maintaining the Card so as to enable Bold Events to receive the payments throughout the term of your PSL Agreement. Should the Card be suspended or terminated, you will provide Bold Events with another Card to which such payments can be charged. You shall provide Bold Events with your billing information as it may be changed from time to time, including mailing address, phone number and email address.  By providing your Card information, you represent and warrant to Bold Events that you are the owner of the Card or authorized to make the purchase and you have not obtained the Card by fraudulent means.


PSL Purchase

When you purchase a PSL and sign your PSL Agreement, you are stating, among other things, that you are not acquiring the PSL as an investment and you have no expectation of profit as a PSL holder. No representations or warranties are made regarding the present or future value of PSLs or their marketability. The PSL is not intended to be an investment and should not be purchased for that reason.


PSL Transfer

PSL holders have the right to transfer or assign a PSL with Bold Events’ prior written consent, subject to any restrictions stated in the PSL Agreement and the guidelines established by Bold Events. Once you transfer a PSL, you no longer have any rights associated with the seat(s) for which the PSL applied. A transfer fee determined by Bold Events may be required to transfer a PSL. Transfers are effective when the transferee has assumed all obligations under the PSL Agreement and the transfer has been recorded by Bold Events.